Hi guys,

We are removing import trades from the CORE package and we decided to write a post and give some explanation why we took this decision.

  1. We get a lot of requests and support tickets around import.

    We really want to provide excellent support and replay as fast as possible but we can't do it for everyone as we are a small startup at the start of our journey. So instead of providing 
    poor support for everyone, we decided to provide excellent support for few.
  2. A better way of importing your trades

    As importing your trades is such an important part of our platform we decided to rewrite it and invest a lot of time and money in it so we can have an excellent import. Plus we really want to support all possible brokers. With this in mind, we decided that we need to move it to the PLUS & CORE package to be able to invest more time and money in this feature.

Please let me know in the comments what is your opinion about this.

Thanks & Happy trading